Glenn Beck Net Worth

Net Worth $ 100 Million

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Glenn Beck Net Worth

With television and radio as his source of wealth, this American host and political commentator was born as Glenn Lee Beck on February 10, 1964. He also recognized as American television producer which is formerly began with his radio show, Glenn Beck Radio Program, and then became a very successful Glenn Beck television program in a Fox channel.

Since June 2013, he is estimated to have $90 M as his net worth, but for now it is more than $150 Million! Beck actually wrote some books and all of his books became six New York Times-bestselling books worldwide. In point of fact, Beck had a good career in business and television than makes him richer than before. In business, he famous as the inventor and also CEO of Mercury Radio Arts, a multimedia production company so that he was ranked #34 Celebrities 100 by Forbes magazine when previously he was listed as #23 in 2012. And since June 2012, he assigned a $100 million in 5 year radio contract which means that his salary is around $20 million a year. Can you imagine that?

Later on, Beck established the non-profit organization named Mercury One which is considered to maintain the organization all the way through the entrepreneurship without endowment or any contributions. Beck also began effort his self to extend their business to produce more money in a clothing line labeled 1791 which is put up for sale so that the benefit can be given as the charity. Don’t forget to visit if you feel so curious to see what kinds of products that can be sold in the website.