Lady Gaga Net Worth

Net Worth $ 80 Million

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Lady Gaga Net Worth

Born as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, maybe you know a lot of information about Lady Gaga more than I do. This eccentric singer is mostly known as Lady Gaga (her stage name) than her real name. Inspired by glam rock artist such as David Bowie and also Freddy Mercury, her career in music also much influenced by pop-music dance musician such as King of Pop, Michael Jackson and also Madonna. So maybe that’s why Gaga always look appealing with her fashionable looks which is really weird and also unique sometimes.

In 2008, “The Fame” was released as her debut album which was achieved as a good music top-ten in so many countries around the world. Her international hits, “Just Dance” and also “Poker Face” ranked number two in the Billboard of 200 charts. Although a lot of her songs was related to commercial issues, but so many fans of Gaga still love her much. Not because of the issues, but because of her kindly heart so that’s why since 2011, 64 million singles and 23 million of her albums sold! Can you count the money that she got for that? Wow!

Since June 2013, $ 80 million was earned to The Queen Monster as she became the seconds rank as the world-highest paid musicians after Madonna with $80 million on her pocket! Can you imagine that?  And she has benefited more than $160 million as long as her carrier so far! Included as # 45 Power Women in the worldwide, what do you think of Gaga’s power by the way?